Large-format LED screen

because size does matter

LED walls and video wall displays – rental in Warsaw

LED walls (video wall displays) are a modern presentation solution which let you achieve a very large format both indoors and outdoors.

LED screens and walls comprise a dense network of bright light-emitting diodes which support the full range of colours. The diodes make up modules (usually 50 x 50 cm squares) which can be used to construct walls of any size and format.

Their main advantages are:


Our LED walls are really the only presentation technology that effectively deals with sunlight, always able to provide an excellent image.

This makes our solutions completely weather-proof. You can be sure that everything will work as it should.

Superior quality

The dense arrangement of the diodes allows us to provide high pixel pitch values.

This guarantees unparalleled visual quality and a clear and well-defined picture from as close as 2-3 m from the screen.


We provide both indoor (for hotels, conference halls, exhibition centres, shopping centres) and outdoor (for open-air and other events) solutions.

You can rest assured that our equipment will always be up and running regardless of the setting.

LED screens in action:

Our range includes the following types of LED screens:

OUTDOOR LED SCREENS (open-air events):

– 5.95 mm pixel pitch LED (P5.9) screen
– 5.95 mm pixel pitch (P5.9) curved LED screen (can be curved into a convex or concave shape)
– 10 mm pixel pitch (P10) LED screen
– 10 mm pixel pitch (P10) LED screen – 16 sq. m of mobile screen mounted on a trailer.

INDOOR LED WALLS (to be used under roofs):

– 1,6 mm pixel pitch LED screen (P1.6) – best resolution on the Polish market!
– 2.5 mm pixel pitch LED (P2.5) screen
– 3.9 mm pixel pitch (P3.9) LED screen
– 3.9 mm pixel pitch (P3,9) curvable LED (can be curved into a convex or concave shape)

LED screens on pictures:

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